Friday 18 November 2011

Avocado myths: A fat lot of good

We’ve had some more great entries into our Blog An Avo competition. Below are just two examples. Hazel explains why she loves avocados and Jenny blogs about her Avocado Pound cake – which look delicious!
Speaking of pounds, it's a common misconception that avocados make you fat. The problem with this prevailing myth is that it is simply wrong. Yes, avocados are full of fat - but it's good fat.

The difference between eating a bowl of chips and eating an avocado is the type of fat that the avocado provides. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, which can help to prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol.
So the next time you feel peckish, you can reach for an avocado without feeling guilty!
“Avocados had always seemed exotic to me - not something to be eaten in huge quantities but something to be appreciated and savoured slowly.  This was until I got married and my sister-in-law's husband revealed that he had grown up in South Africa and their avocado trees produced so many they could not eat them all and they were used for compost.  I was horrified!  I still feel that avocados should be treated with respect and that their flavour and texture should shine through any recipe rather than be subdued by strong flavours.
For me avocados should be paired with subtle flavours like papaya or cucumber - with only a good olive oil and fresh lemon juice dressing to prevent browning.  They are a great addition to potato salad but the mayonnaise must be carefully chosen - or homemade. Most sandwiches are taken to a new level with the addition of avocado - is there anything better than  a chicken and avocado sandwich, except possibly a turkey and avocado sandwich on Boxing Day when the palate is feeling jaded?  Even omelettes can benefit from the addition of avocado - adding extra flavour and texture.
Another marvel of the avocado is that it can give you a lovely house plant - the stones suspended over water using cocktail sticks produce roots and shoots (or so I am told since my avocado stones have always been stubborn and just sit sullenly doing nothing).  Perhaps they feel they deserved recipes demanding more skill on my part and more exotic ingredients?
So what is my favourite avocado recipe?  Yes I love avocado paired with subtle ingredients but for me true enjoyment comes from eating a perfect avocado, at the peak of ripe perfection ... naked!” – Hazel Rea, via email
*Image courtesy of Weight Watchers magazine

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