Friday 1 October 2010

Something for the Weekend: Avocado!

Avocados are not just about salads – they can be chopped. And pureed. Roasted (with winter veg). Baked (before filling with spicy salsa). Spread and toasted.

You can even – if you’re feeling bold, blend them into what must surely rank as one of the most nutritious milkshakes (yes…) around.

If you’re a regular but unadventurous from the salads, here’s a selection of the other avocado recipes you might like to try:

Avocado soup; steak sandwich with avocado; avocado pasta with chilli; coriander and almonds; avocado frittata; stuffed avocados. All of these are available on

The weekend is the perfect time for experimenting with avocados, particular at breakfast time. Avocados make the most fantastic breakfasts, like this one from Thomasina Miers, who says “This is the simplest, most restorative breakfast, packed full of energy and goodness and delicious to book. It is perfect if you have had a big night out.

“Mash an avocado with a fork to a rough puree, adding olive oil, lime juice, and Worcestershire sauce as you go. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Toast two slices of bread, drizzle a little olive oil over each piece then spread over the avocado. Sprinkle with basil and add diced tomatoes.”

Finally for a decadent Sunday morning brunch, here’s a favourite: Mash up the flesh of one whole avocado with a good handful of grated Cheddar cheese and seasoning. Spread on thick slices of toast and grill until golden. Add Worcester sauce, chopped tomato or spring onion for an added flourish.

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