Tuesday 28 September 2010

Welcome to the Avocado Brotherhood

Welcome to the first entry in our Avocado Brotherhood blog, celebrating all things avocado-related and encouraging you to share in our passion for this delicious-tasting, creamy fruit.

Why all the fuss? Britain celebrates the second ever Avocado Week this autumn. Taking place from October 25th to 31st, Avocado Week 2010 will feature many opportunities to try avocados in supermarkets around Britain, as well as magazine articles and recipes, and an online cook-a-long demonstration.

Thomasina Miers, television chef and owner of London’s Wahaca restaurants, is spokesperson for the campaign and will be hosting the annual Avocado Brotherhood lunch at Wahaca Westfield, an annual event for lovers of this delicious fruit.

She has also developed some delicious avocado recipes such as the avocado frittata shown below. You can explore them by visiting the recipe section of our site.

Avocado Frittata

One of the highlights of Avocado Week will be a ‘Tweet-a-long’ cookery demonstration by Thomasina Miers, which can be followed step-by-step on Twitter. In the days to come, we’ll be giving you further details of how to follow - and get involved in this event.

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