Wednesday 6 October 2010

The Wednesday Guest Blog: Thomasina Miers

"I am delighted to be part of the Avocado Week. It still amazes me that so few of us eat them – only a quarter of us in the UK have caught on to this healthy treat. It is not altogether surprising...I used to think they were a little strange until I became suspicious of how my sister always fought for the largest share of them at home...if she was so keen on them, it meant I had to be missing out on something. I soon became hooked by the smooth, creamy flesh and the way you could add them to so many dishes.

“When I got older, I discovered that they are incredibly good for you, full of oils that keep the skin looking young and healthy and feed the brain. Avocados are the original superfood.

"In Wahaca we get through about 120 boxes a week across our three seems that our customers, like me, can’t get enough of them.

“The real key lies in how to spot the ripe ones and how to store them. Avocados should be soft when you eat them and gently give when you press them at the top. If they are hard, keep them in a brown paper bag in a warm place and wait until they’re ready.

"If you pop a banana into the paper bag, its enzymes will speed up the process even more. Then you can tuck in an eat them in sandwiches, soups, salads or just as a snack on toast with plenty of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime."

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